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Pineapple Queen 1 pc (Approx 700 g – 1200 g)



Pineapple Queen 1 pc (Approx 700 g – 1200 g)

Pineapples are a bundle full of nutrients and goodness. It is bound with compounds that reduces stress and inflammation. Pineapples have been a part of traditional medicines since ages. It is a godsent gift for Liver. As per researches, people who consume Pineapple regularly have significantly lower risk of viral and bacterial infections as well. Boost your immune system during this season of pandemic by having Pineapple regularly. Buy Pineapple Queen 1 pc (Approx 700 g – 1200 g) online now.

Features & Details

  • Packed with nutrients

Product Information

Country of Origin India
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Important Notice : This price according to current date 21-april-2021 , It will change according to market price of current date can be increase and decrease



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