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Tender Coconut 1 pc (Approx 800 g – 1500 g)



Tender Coconut 1 pc (Approx 800 g – 1500 g)

Coconut is another power packed fruit rich in nutrients that originates from the Tropical region. It is consumed globally in different forms like Coconut Milk, Coconut Water, Coconut Oil etc. Coconut Oil is medically recommended for neutralizing Cholesterol levels. There’s a raw white meat inside the Coconut shell which is known as the Kernel. The Kernel is the edible, sweet tasting part of the Coconut which has firm texture and is delicious. Coconut Milk and Cream is made by cold pressing the grated raw meat. Dried Kernels can be grated and stored for cooking or baking. It can also be made into flour from which numerous Indian desserts are prepared. Buy Tender Coconut 1 pc (Approx 800 g – 1500 g) online now.

Features & Details

  • Packed with nutrients

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Country of Origin India
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